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CHAINS Collection

The union of two souls is the golden link of a chain whose first link is a gaze, and the last is infinity.
(Kahlil Gibran)

To make your look always unique and special, the new Chain Collection is born this year.
Over 40 models including necklaces and bracelets, to be worn in parure or with always new and surprising combinations.
Choose the length you prefer, the type of sweater and the ever-changing details, and have fun inventing a new way every day to surprise with your style.
When an accessory is much more than a simple addition, it becomes the protagonist.
When yours is an Alcozer&J jewel.

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The art of creating jewelry
Enter the world of Alcozer & J

The craftsmanship of the product is the essence of the Alcozer & J brand, and is guaranteed by a deep knowledge of goldsmith techniques and a young and close-knit team to which Giampiero Alcozer entrusts his ideas to turn them into reality.

The designer’s experience guides the hands of the staff in the creation of his works of art at all stages: from the choice of semi-precious stones, drops of color from every corner of the planet, to the creation of the jewel that will keep them perfectly.

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Our creations

A 30-year story of love and beauty

Alcozer & J is an artisan company, specialized in the creation and production of luxury costume jewelery, born in Florence in 1994 from the dream of its founder and designer Giampiero Alcozer. His vocation for forging small works of art was born in 1973, when at the age of eleven he received his first coral as a gift from a fisherman in Cuba, together with the words “in a few years you will make a jewel for your beloved”.
Like a prophecy, this phrase inspired all of her creations by laying the foundations for a brilliant – it should be said – career in the world of jewelry.
The love for travel leads him to visit distant countries, of which Giampiero assimilates the cultures, scents and colors that he pours into his bijoux over the years.

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